Blessings and Curses… Eden Again (Deuteronomy 27-29)

A popular theme arises as Moses comes into the final chapters of the Pentateuch (Genesis - Deuteronomy). There has been a heavy stream of retelling the Law and following out of a genuine love for Yahweh. Israel is reminded they were chosen and loved by the LORD before they knew Him. They had been delivered … Continue reading Blessings and Curses… Eden Again (Deuteronomy 27-29)

History Repeats Itself! (Numbers 20)

Lest we forget, the Pentateuch is made up of repeating narratives within different settings and sometimes different people or groups. This is not a book of individual accounts - it is a literary masterpiece! Hyperlinks are strategically placed throughout pointing to the past (Gen. 1-3), and future Messiah. Repeated accounts are ways an author will … Continue reading History Repeats Itself! (Numbers 20)