Joshua and the Psalms Man (Joshua 1:1-9; Psalm 1-2)

I fell in love with the Psalms when I was in high school. I didn’t understand their true depths, but I knew I felt better after read them. Since that time I have spent years reading, praying, singing and trying to understand them more deeply. They seem to have no limits to its depths. ForContinue reading “Joshua and the Psalms Man (Joshua 1:1-9; Psalm 1-2)”

How Do I Process the Conquest? (Joshua 5-13)

When we move into the Book of Joshua, we find war, deception, the killing of women and children, destruction of cities and other things that trouble us. I mean, didn’t Jesus teach us to love our enemies and to do good to them? The Messiah is the God of the Hebrew Scriptures who took onContinue reading “How Do I Process the Conquest? (Joshua 5-13)”

Circumcision of the Heart (Deuteronomy 30)

Leading up to Deuteronomy 30, the author lets us know the 2nd generation (those who left Egypt) would fail. Their continued disobedience eventually led to exile, which is what makes the opening verses so fascinating. Read 30:1-5. Moses prophecies of the future of Israel. A time of restoration and redemption. The LORD will be mercifulContinue reading “Circumcision of the Heart (Deuteronomy 30)”

Blessings and Curses… Eden Again (Deuteronomy 27-29)

A popular theme arises as Moses comes into the final chapters of the Pentateuch (Genesis – Deuteronomy). There has been a heavy stream of retelling the Law and following out of a genuine love for Yahweh. Israel is reminded they were chosen and loved by the LORD before they knew Him. They had been deliveredContinue reading “Blessings and Curses… Eden Again (Deuteronomy 27-29)”

The Law of Eden (Deuteronomy 1-10)

When we hear the word “Law” our minds are taken to a modern day definition, which is generally negative. We think of strict rules intended to control others or to take away their (our) fun. Don’t get me wrong, we like modern laws when they keep someone else in check, but not so much whenContinue reading “The Law of Eden (Deuteronomy 1-10)”

Balaam and the Coming King (Numbers 22-24)

The story of Balaam was one of my childhood favorites. Who doesn’t like a guy with a talking donkey? It makes me laugh every time. A grown man’s donkey starts talking (never happened before or after) and he gets in an argument with the animal. How funny! Over the years this story has taken onContinue reading “Balaam and the Coming King (Numbers 22-24)”

I Hate Snakes! (Numbers 21:4-9)

I am not sure when or where my fear of snakes began, but I cannot think of a time when I didn’t greatly dislike these slithering creatures. Even as a kid I remember trying to put my hand on a picture of a snake in our families old World Book Encyclopedia volume 17 (S). IContinue reading “I Hate Snakes! (Numbers 21:4-9)”

History Repeats Itself! (Numbers 20)

Lest we forget, the Pentateuch is made up of repeating narratives within different settings and sometimes different people or groups. This is not a book of individual accounts – it is a literary masterpiece! Hyperlinks are strategically placed throughout pointing to the past (Gen. 1-3), and future Messiah. Repeated accounts are ways an author willContinue reading “History Repeats Itself! (Numbers 20)”

The Red Heifer (Numbers 19)

One of the interesting aspects of God’s laws are the details, what some consider boring. To be honest, it can painstakingly comprehensive. Numbers 19 doesn’t disappoint: A red heifer without defects, blemishes and never used for common labor (v. 2). The heifer is taken outside the camp (unlike other sin offerings) and slaughtered before theContinue reading “The Red Heifer (Numbers 19)”