Let Your Spirit Come! (Numbers 11:16-30)

When we talk about the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, most think about the New Testament, right? Something that happened after the death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus (Acts 2). Yet, God’s Spirit came upon certain individuals in the First Testament. Some of those we have already seen in our weekly Scripture readings. Joseph wasContinue reading “Let Your Spirit Come! (Numbers 11:16-30)”

Make Leviticus Great Again – Part IV (Leviticus 14)

The last three blogs have weighed heavily on the Fall of humanity in the Garden of Eden. However, the author shifts gears in Leviticus 14. He is still dealing with skin diseases but gives a hyperlink to Noah and the Flood. This section, in particular, deals with the laws of cleansing skin disease and aContinue reading “Make Leviticus Great Again – Part IV (Leviticus 14)”

Make Leviticus Great Again – Part III (Leviticus 13)

The ritual impurity laws continues in Leviticus 13, and just as Part I and II, it is linked to the Fall in the Garden of Eden (Gen. 3). I know it is difficult for the 21st Century Western culture to pick up these clues, because we have not been taught this way. This has notContinue reading “Make Leviticus Great Again – Part III (Leviticus 13)”

Make Leviticus Great Again – Part II (Leviticus 12)

I want Leviticus to be great again, or at least interesting. This is probably the most dreaded book of the Bible. And I get it! I really do. On the surface it is monotonous, out of date and difficult for animal lovers. Right? But when we peel back the surface we discover some pretty amazingContinue reading “Make Leviticus Great Again – Part II (Leviticus 12)”

Make Leviticus Great Again – Part 1 (Leviticus 9-11)

Are you still trying to make sense of Leviticus? If you’re like most people you’re just trying to get through it. This is why I love my “job,” if you will, because I am able to dig into some places most cannot see from the surface and peel back its intent. If you have watchedContinue reading “Make Leviticus Great Again – Part 1 (Leviticus 9-11)”

The Glory of God! (Exodus 33:12-34:35)

What just occurred, at the base of God’s holy mountain, was corrupt (32:7), evil (32:22), sinful (32:30-34) or as Moses puts it, a great sin (32:21 – ESV). It is inexcusable, based on covenant laws of the day. The people should be destroyed for such an atrocity. Yet, the people are shown grace through theContinue reading “The Glory of God! (Exodus 33:12-34:35)”

The Golden Calf (Exodus 32)

The notorious golden calf incident. This was a BIG deal, especially in light of the events leading up to this narrative: Israel has passed through the saving waters of the Red Sea and freed from the evil and enslavement of Egypt (Ex. 14-15) by power of Yahweh. God makes a covenant with Israel and givesContinue reading “The Golden Calf (Exodus 32)”

The Tabernacle of Eden (Exodus 19-31)

What happens in our reading (Exodus 19-28) had been a LONG time coming. Longer than the 430 years Israel had lived in Egypt (12:40-41). Longer than the time God first called Abraham. Something big was about to happen. Mount Sinai, a.k.a Horeb, has always been viewed as a special place for God to meet man. HisContinue reading “The Tabernacle of Eden (Exodus 19-31)”

Baptism in the Red Sea! (Exodus 14:1-15:21)

We have become so accustomed to the world of animated movie tricks, photoshop and graphic video games, we have lost the ability to be in awe of a large body of water dividing like a bad breakup. This narrative, by itself, should humble us before an all-powerful God. Forget everything you know about this storyContinue reading “Baptism in the Red Sea! (Exodus 14:1-15:21)”