I Hate Snakes! (Numbers 21:4-9)

I am not sure when or where my fear of snakes began, but I cannot think of a time when I didn’t greatly dislike these slithering creatures. Even as a kid I remember trying to put my hand on a picture of a snake in our families old World Book Encyclopedia volume 17 (S). IContinue reading “I Hate Snakes! (Numbers 21:4-9)”

Did Abraham Keep the Law?

This is some of what I shared with my Life Group Wendesday night in our discussion about our weekly Bible reading plan. Some you may have picked up on an odd statement made about Abraham when God reaffirms His covenant with Isaac. It is made during an unusual, yet similar, account of Isaac leaving theContinue reading “Did Abraham Keep the Law?”

New Beginnings (Gen. 6-9)

There is so much going on in the Great Flood in Genesis 6-9.  Most of us grew up hearing it told as a story. Many of us preachers have focused on themes, such as, Noah building the ark according to exact measurements and how we are to follow God down to the inch. Not thatContinue reading “New Beginnings (Gen. 6-9)”

Walking With God (Gen. 5:21-24)

As you have gone through the first 11 chapters of Genesis, you probably noticed some genealogies.  Some of you may have been tempted to skip over them or do a quick drive by.  Even in our culture, where Ancestory.com and 23andMe has become the craze, we still hate seeing those list of names in our Bibles. ItContinue reading “Walking With God (Gen. 5:21-24)”