Joshua and the Psalms Man (Joshua 1:1-9; Psalm 1-2)

I fell in love with the Psalms when I was in high school. I didn’t understand their true depths, but I knew I felt better after read them. Since that time I have spent years reading, praying, singing and trying to understand them more deeply. They seem to have no limits to its depths. ForContinue reading “Joshua and the Psalms Man (Joshua 1:1-9; Psalm 1-2)”

How Do I Process the Conquest? (Joshua 5-13)

When we move into the Book of Joshua, we find war, deception, the killing of women and children, destruction of cities and other things that trouble us. I mean, didn’t Jesus teach us to love our enemies and to do good to them? The Messiah is the God of the Hebrew Scriptures who took onContinue reading “How Do I Process the Conquest? (Joshua 5-13)”