Well, Well, Well… (Exodus 2:15-22)

In almost 27 years of ministry, I have done many weddings, which means I have heard several stories of how couples met. These are always interesting. But how many times have you heard someone meet their future spouse at a well? What about three people? The writer of the Pentateuch records three narratives of importantContinue reading “Well, Well, Well… (Exodus 2:15-22)”

The Lion of Judah

Judah is a fascinating character. When his brothers wanted to kill Joseph, he steps up and talks them into selling him as a slave. I know what your thinking, “With friends like Judah, who needs enemies.” But this actually saved his life (Gen. 37:20, 26-27). Judah continues the Genesis theme of life and death; good andContinue reading “The Lion of Judah”

God Can Turn Evil Into Blessings (Genesis 37-50)

The story of Joseph opens with an extremely uncomfortable scene. The dysfunction of the patriarchs is not lost with Jacob who was been married to two women their handmaids and had 12 sons between them. Are you keeping up? In chapter 37, the author lets us know daddy has a favorite child. Jacob doesn’t evenContinue reading “God Can Turn Evil Into Blessings (Genesis 37-50)”

The Man With A Fancy Coat (Genesis 37-50)

We are reading a section of Scripture many have known since childhood. For those who grew up going to a church, you remember the flannel graphs, VBS skits and crafts about the man with a coat of many colors. Many of you can recite these stories by heart. Of course, my goal is to peelContinue reading “The Man With A Fancy Coat (Genesis 37-50)”

Did Abraham Keep the Law?

This is some of what I shared with my Life Group Wendesday night in our discussion about our weekly Bible reading plan. Some you may have picked up on an odd statement made about Abraham when God reaffirms His covenant with Isaac. It is made during an unusual, yet similar, account of Isaac leaving theContinue reading “Did Abraham Keep the Law?”

East Side Story – Part 2

In the last blog, we talked about the negative aspect of moving to the east. But what about people who moved from the east? Yes, that is a real thing and has a positive implication. Most have heard about the Tabernacle. When we get to Exodus the author reveals God’s order for its construction, heContinue reading “East Side Story – Part 2”

East Side Story – Part 1

I am a child of the 80’s. Besides Elvis, it is my favorite genre of music. One of the popular rockers of the day was Bryan Adams.  He went on to expanded his career outside the days of parachute pants, and began working on an album in the early 2000’s. One of those songs wasContinue reading “East Side Story – Part 1”

There is Something in a Name (Gen. 10-12)

Last night I used this discussion in my Life Group. I thought I would post it for others who may not have heard it or are interested in the subject. It is one of the greatest turning points in Scripture, and something we should meditate on for our own lives. The author of Genesis 10-12Continue reading “There is Something in a Name (Gen. 10-12)”